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Workspace Information

HELCOM Meeting portal workspaces

All HELCOM workspaces are listed below. List can be searched using the search bow below or filtered by clicking column names (e.g. Code, Group).

AIS workspace test1Go to siteMARITIME
8EUSBSR8th Annual Forum of EUSBSRGo to site
ACTIONActions to evaluate and identify effective measures to reach GES in the Baltic Sea marine regionGo to site11/01/201931/12/2020
AlternativeFishingGearsQuestionnaireAlternative fishing gearsGo to siteFISH09/04/201931/05/2019
Assessment HAMA: Helcom Assessment on Maritime Activities in the Baltic Sea RegionGo to siteMARITIME18/12/201423/07/2015
AssessmentCoastal fish core indicatorsGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATIONFISH-PRO01/07/2015
AssessmentMigratory fish core indicatorGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATION01/07/2015
AssessmentPHARMACEUTICALSGo to sitePRESSURE01/10/201526/02/2016
AssessmentBird indicators and assessmentsGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATIONJWG Bird19/10/2015
AssessmentMORS workspaceGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATIONMORS28/09/2015
AssessmentOpen sea fishGo to siteFISH30/10/2015
AssessmentHazardous substancesGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATIONEN HZ09/11/2015
AssessmentBenthic monitoring, indicators and assessmentsGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATIONBenthic monitoring network17/12/2014
AssessmentPEG - phytoplanktonGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATIONPhytoplankton05/01/2016
BALEX DELTA 2018BALEX DELTA 2018 projectGo to siteRESPONSE31/08/201731/08/2018
BALSAMBaltic Sea Pilot Project (BALSAM)Go to siteMONAS01/10/201331/03/2015
Baltic SCOPEBaltic SCOPEGo to site01/03/201528/02/2017
BalticBOOSTBalticBOOSTGo to siteGEAR; STATE & CONSERVATION; PRESSURE; FISH15/09/201531/12/2016
BalticLINesBaltic LINes workspaceGo to siteHELCOM-VASAB MSP WG01/01/201631/12/2018
BIODIVERSITYBiodiversity Assessment workspaceGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATION02/03/201630/06/2018
BIODIVERSITY-1Biodiversity data workspaceGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATION01/02/201730/06/2017
BSAP UP NEW ACTIONSProposals on new actions for the update of the BSAP Go to site14/01/202031/12/2021
BSR MSP Data ESGBaltic Sea Region MSP Data Expert Sub-groupGo to siteHELCOM-VASAB MSP WG01/10/201531/12/2016
Capacity4MSPCapacity4MSP workspaceGo to site01/08/201930/09/2021
CG AquacultureCorrespondence Group AquacultureGo to siteFISH
CORESET IIHELCOM core indicator adoption process workspaceGo to siteGEARCORESET13/03/201530/06/2015
CSHIPPCSHIPP - Clean Shipping Project PlatformGo to siteMARITIME
DATA-1Data storageGo to siteNot ApplicableNot Applicable12/02/201531/01/2021
DREDGED-1Management of dredged material data workspaceGo to sitePRESSURE02/09/201631/12/2020
EET BALEX DELTA 2019Exercise Evaluation Team (EET) for BALEX DELTA 2019Go to siteRESPONSE27/08/201929/08/2019
EG MAMAHELCOM Expert group on Marine MammalsGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATION31/07/2019
EG STURExpert Group on sturgeon remediation Go to siteSTATE & CONSERVATION
EN CLIMEHELCOM – Baltic Earth Expert Network on Climate ChangeGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATION20/02/2019
EN-ESAHELCOM expert network on economic and social analysesGo to siteGEAR
EN-Hazardous SubstancesHazardous substances assessment data reporting workspaceGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATIONEN HZ
EN-HZ Indicator 2018EN-HZ HELCOM indicator update 2018Go to siteSTATE & CONSERVATIONEN HZ26/02/201831/07/2018
ESExecutive Secretary recruitment panelGo to site
EU RED LIST HABITATS WS 1-2014European Red List of Habitats project (EU)Go to siteHABITAT04/08/201431/12/2014
EUTRO-OPEREUTRO-OPER manualsGo to siteMONAS; GEAR02/09/201431/01/2016
EUTRO-OPEREUTRO-OPER Data reporting workspaceGo to siteSTATE09/10/201431/12/2020
EUTRO-OPEREUTRO-OPER Project reportGo to siteGEAR; STATE & CONSERVATION17/11/201531/12/2016
EWG OWRExpert Working Group on Oiled Wildlife ResponseGo to siteRESPONSEEWG OWR
GEAR IG POMGEAR Intersessional Group on MSFD Programmes of Measures Go to siteGEAR
HELCOM Fish workspaceWork under the HELCOM Fish GroupGo to siteFISH
HELCOM SOM Platformad hoc HELCOM Platform on sufficiency of measures Go to siteGEARSOM Platform13/03/201930/06/2020
HELCOM-OSPAR Port survey dataHELCOM-OSPAR Port survey dataGo to siteMARITIMEHELCOM-OSPAR TG BALLAST05/02/2019
HELCOM-VASAB MSP WG Task Force on coherence of planningHELCOM-VASAB MSP WG Task Force on coherence of planningGo to siteHELCOM-VASAB MSP WG15/05/2019
HOLAS II 2018 Data updateHOLAS II 2018 Data updateGo to siteGEAR; STATE & CONSERVATIONHOLAS II29/01/201809/02/2018
HOLAS II APL weightingHOLAS II Aggregated pressure layers weighting workspaceGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATION03/11/201731/12/2017
HOLAS II Biodiversity supplementary report  HOLAS II Biodiversity supplementary report  Go to siteGEARHOLAS II05/03/201820/03/2018
HOLAS II conclusions and outlookHOLAS II conclusions and outlookGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATION; GEARHOLAS II
HOLAS II ESA suplementary reportHOLAS II ESA suplementary reportGo to siteGEARHOLAS II19/03/201809/04/2018
HOLAS II Eutrophication supplementary reportHOLAS II Eutrophication supplementary reportGo to siteGEARHOLAS II05/03/201819/03/2018
HOLAS II First version 2017 Reports and materialsState of the Baltic Sea report - First version June 2017 - Reports and materialsGo to siteGEAR; STATE & CONSERVATIONHOLAS II
HOLAS II Hazardous substances supplementary reportHOLAS II Hazardous substances supplementary reportGo to siteGEARHOLAS II14/03/201821/03/2018
HOLAS II Indicator evaluation HOLAS II core indicator results and data review 2018Go to siteSTATE & CONSERVATION08/01/201816/02/2018
HOLAS II Supplementary reportsHOLAS II Supplementary reportsGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATION; PRESSURE14/09/201729/09/2018
HOLASII-DATA1HOLASII Human activities data reviewGo to site15/06/201630/06/2018
HOLASII-DATA2HOLASII Ecosystem components workspaceGo to site
HOLASII-DATA3HOLAS II core indicator results and data reviewGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATION01/02/201730/06/2017
Incidental bycatch WS-2019joint OSPAR-HELCOM workshop to examine possibilities for developing indicators for incidental by-catch of birds and marine mammalsGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATION03/09/201905/09/2019
IND SC 8-2018HELCOM indicators State and Conservation 8-2018Go to siteSTATE & CONSERVATION23/04/201821/05/2018
IN-EUTROPHICATION Eutrophication assessment data reporting workspace 2017 versionGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATIONIN Eutrophication26/02/201630/06/2017
IN-EUTROPHICATION2Eutrophication assessment data workspace 2018 version Go to siteSTATE & CONSERVATIONIN Eutrophication31/08/201730/06/2018
IN-EUTROPHICATION3Eutrophication indicator scaling test workspaceGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATIONIN Eutrophication20/12/201830/06/2019
IntranetIntranetGo to siteNot ApplicableNot Applicable25/06/201401/01/2100
IWGASInformal Working Group on Aerial SurveillanceGo to siteRESPONSEIWGAS
LOAD CGLOAD Core GroupGo to siteMONASLOAD13/05/2014
Martime AssessmentMaritime Assessmement Go to siteMARITIME
MIGRATORY BIRD WS 1-2018HELCOM workshop on migratory waterbirdsGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATION20/11/201822/11/2018
Monitoring guidelinesHELCOM monitoring guidelines revision workspaceGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATION19/05/201631/12/2016
MOREMonitoring manual workspaceGo to siteMONAS; GEARMORE20/05/201431/12/2014
MORE-DOCSHELCOM Monitoring manual relevant documentsGo to siteMONASMORE09/10/201431/12/2014
MPA TGTask Group on HELCOM Marine Protected AreasGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATIONMPA TG04/05/2019
MPA TG 2018MPA TG Recommendation review 2018Go to siteSTATE & CONSERVATIONMPA TG
NISNon-Indigenous Species assessment data reporting workspaceGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATIONHELCOM-OSPAR TG BALLAST
NorthSEENorthSEE workspaceGo to site01/01/201631/12/2016
OPENRISKOPENRISK WorkspaceGo to site31/01/201731/01/2019
OPENRISK-2OPENRISK Public workspaceGo to site31/01/201731/01/2019
Pan Baltic SCOPEPan Baltic SCOPEGo to site
P-gypsum stacksPhosphogypsum waste sitesGo to sitePRESSURE08/04/201901/07/2020
PLC-5.5PLC-5.5 projectGo to siteMONASPLC21/05/201431/12/2015
PLC-6PLC-6Go to siteMONASLOAD01/01/201330/06/2017
PLC-7The Seventh Pollution Load CompilationGo to sitePRESSURE15/01/201801/07/2020
PLUSPLUS - Modernization of PLC databaseGo to siteMONASLOAD15/03/201330/06/2015
PRFBaltic Sea Sewage Port Reception Facilities - HELCOM Overview 2014Go to siteMARITIME; HOD19/01/2015
PRF_2017PRF HELCOM Overview 2017Go to siteMARITIME
PRF_2018HELCOM Sewage PRF Overview Baltic Sea 2018Go to siteMARITIME
REC SPECIESRecommendation on the conservation of speciesGo to siteSTATE
RedCore DGReduction scheme core drafting group (RedCore DG)Go to sitePRESSURE13/11/201430/11/2030
RESPONSEHELCOM Response Manual Volume IGo to siteRESPONSE
RESPONSEHELCOM Recommendations under Response Working Group Go to siteRESPONSE19/06/2019
Science Agenda TGHELCOM Science Agenda Task GroupGo to siteGEARScience Agenda Task Group11/02/202031/12/2020
SPICESPICE ProjectGo to siteNot ApplicableNot Applicable01/01/201731/12/2017
State and ConservationState and Conservation input to IG PoMGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATION08/09/201530/09/2015
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