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ZEN-ZIIM Zooplankton indicator integration to monitoring

Project Summary

999+ days ago

 ZEN ZIIM project workspace

​This workspace is intended as a platform to share documents and information among the HELCOM ZEN ZIIM project partners. 

Material related to specific annual meetings of the group are stored on the meeting sites. ​
Suggestion to amend biological community monitoring guidelines_HN.docx
ZEN species list for Baltic zooplankton (May2017).xlsx
MSTS evaluation BB and BS.docx
MSTS, assessment protocol.docx
BB and BS_ind_weights.xlsx
UMF and SYKE, biomass values.xlsx
standard weights from SU.xlsx
MSTS_Polish Report.pdf
mean sprat weight_eastern baltic.xlsx
MSTS and GES calculations.xlsx
hernroth 1985.pdf