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State of the Baltic Sea Chapters for S&C 8

Template for comments in tabular form.xlsx
Chapter 4.5 Non-indigenous species.docx
Chapter 4.6_Extraction of species.docx
Chapter 4.7_Seabed loss and disturbance.docx
Chapter 5_Biodiversity.docx
Chapter 6_Cumulative impacts.docx
Chapter 7 Actions to improve the Baltic Sea.docx
Chapter 3 Human welfare and ecosystem health.docx
Chapter 4.0_intro.docx
Chapter 4.1 Eutrophication.docx
Chapter 4.2 Hazardous substances.docx
Chapter 4.3 Marine litter.docx
Chapter 4.4 Underwater sound.docx
Chapter 0 Executive summary.docx
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