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Workspace Information

HELCOM Meeting portal workspaces

All HELCOM workspaces are listed below. List can be searched using the search bow below or filtered by clicking column names (e.g. Code, Group).

Assessment HAMA: Helcom Assessment on Maritime Activities in the Baltic Sea RegionGo to siteMARITIME18/12/201423/07/2015
AssessmentCoastal fish core indicatorsGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATIONFISH-PRO01/07/2015
AssessmentMigratory fish core indicatorGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATION01/07/2015
AssessmentPHARMACEUTICALSGo to sitePRESSURE01/10/201526/02/2016
AssessmentBird indicators and assessmentsGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATIONJWG Bird19/10/2015
AssessmentMORS workspaceGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATIONMORS28/09/2015
AssessmentOpen sea fishGo to siteFISH30/10/2015
AssessmentHazardous substancesGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATIONEN HZ09/11/2015
AssessmentBenthic monitoring, indicators and assessmentsGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATIONBenthic monitoring network17/12/2014
AssessmentPEG - phytoplanktonGo to siteSTATE & CONSERVATIONPhytoplankton05/01/2016