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EUTRO-OPER Data reporting workspace: Test assessment 2007-2011

Test assessment produced by the HELCOM project on making eutrophication assessments operational (EUTRO-OPER)



This workspace and dataview​ has been used for testing purposes when developing the HELCOM eutrophication assessment database and workflow under the project HELCOM EUTRO-OPER. It has been made public in order to be able to present the tool and review process also to experts outside the project. 

Direct download of dataview is inhibited from the test assessment version but will be available in the final application. 

Please note that as this is a demonstration only, the tables and maps do not represent the eutrophication status of the Baltic Sea. 

Eutrophication assessment proc​ess

Eutrophication is assessed by HELCOM using regularly monitored data provided by the contracting parties to produce an indicator-based quantitative assessment. The Contracting Parties to HELCOM are responsible for producing the assessment, with ICES acting in the role of data host.

The experts assigned by the HELCOM Contracting Parties as participants of the eutrophication network are responsible for initiating and following the update of the assessment as well as reviewing and accepting the assessment products. The contact persons for the eutrophication network at the HELCOM secretariat are Ulla Li Zweifel ( and Joni Kaitaranta (

International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), as data host, is responsible for the quality assurance and storage of the eutrophication related monitoring data submitted to the ICES database. ICES is also responsible for  providing access to the data, through direct download from the eutrophication assessment dataview (inhibited from the test assessment version) and by request​ producing, as well as visualizing assessment data products for review purposes. The contact person at ICES is Hjalte Parner (

Expert review of data and assessment products​​

To ensure a high quality of the data and the assessment of the eutrophication indicators as well as the overall HEAT assessment a checking procedure has been agreed and will be followed by experts in the HELCOM Eutrophication Network. Each country is responsible for checking their datasets and the assessment of their coastal waters. Detailed instructions on the checking procedure can be found in Annex 2A of the Eutrophication Assessment Manual.

Table below: The step-wise acceptance procedure, showing steps, responsible actors and the review parameters to be filled at each step. The levels refer to: 1) data, 2) indicator and 3) assessment.

StepResponsible actorParameters filled in 'National data check-up'
1.       Review of assessment products

Level 1: national representatives

Level 2, coastal: national representatives

Level 2, open sea: Experts assigned by the HELCOM eutrophication network

Level 3, coastal: national representatives

Level 3, open sea: national representatives

Checked (yes/no)
Exceptions (yes/no)
Description of exceptions (string)
2.       Agreement on actionsHELCOM eutrophication networkActions (string)
3.       Acceptance

Level 1: national representatives

Level 2, coastal: national representatives

Level 2, open sea: Experts assigned by HELCOM eutrophication network

Level 3, coastal: national representatives

Level 3, open sea​​: Experts assigned by HELCOM eutrophication network

Accepted (yes/no)


The review is done in this workspace, under 'national data checkup'-page (example: page for German data check-up), where experts have been provided with rights to relevant sub-pages. The assessment data may be viewed at the 'Dataview​' -page, under separate sheets for Accessions, Stations, Indicators and Assessment. For checking purposes, data may also be downloaded from the dataview, to permit viewing in any selected programme (n the public test version, downloading is inhibited).

Current assessments and indicators 

The updated HELCOM eutrophication status assessment and HELCOM core indicator web reports, open for download and use with reference to HELCOM, are found at the HELCOM web site:

Eutrophication status

Chlorophyll-a indicator

Water clarity indicator

Nitrogen / DIN indicator

Phosphorus / DIP indicator​

Eutrophication status and indicator maps may also be viewed and downloaded at the HELCOM Map and Data Service​.

Data may be received upon request from ICES (contact person Hjalte Parner,