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European Red List of Habitats project (EU)

Project Summary

We're all done!
Folder: 2nd workshop on EU Red List of Habitats_Baltic Sea (JUNE 2015)
Folder: FINAL_Habitat Definitions and Fact Sheets
Folder: Practical information and invitation to the Workshop
Folder: Background information
Folder: Example documents and empty templates
EU-RL Habitats_Baltic Sea_Final list.xlsx
Working order for the Habitat Definitions and Fact Sheets.pdf
Territorial data_Baltic Sea WG.docx
Terr_data_ATT2_Minutes of the Meeting RED LIST BIOTOPES 9_2013.pdf
Terr_data_ATT3_Minutes of the Meeting RED LIST BIOTOPES 10-2013.pdf
Workspace Instructions - Baltic WG_European Red List.docx