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Hazardous substances assessment data reporting workspace

Project Summary

999+ days ago

 Hazardous substances assessment workspace

This workspace is intended to be used byHELCOM Expert Network on Hazardous Substances (EN-HZ) to calculate the hazardous substances core indicators, and nominated national representatives for checking the data and the indicator calculation. 
Adopted core indicator evaluations will be provided as an input to the 2nd HELCOM holistic assessment, carried out in the HOLAS II project. 

The monitoring data used to calculate the hazardous substances core indicators stems from the HELCOM COMBINE database which is hosted by ICES. The steps in the assessment procedure are shown as tabs under the dataview page
  1. The dataview shows the ICES accession system DAD where COMBINE data submissions per country and datatype (contaminants in biota/sediment/seawater respectively) are registered with a status (completed / pending submitter / pending ICES). 
  2. An overview map of indicator stations and data reported per station.
  3. Core indicator temporal trend assessment tab shows the temporal trend per station for each indicator and substance.
  4. The integrated thematic hazardous substances assessment based on all core indicators is shown on a map using MSFD classification (GES and sub-GES) calculated using the CHASE tool (

National checking procedure as part of the assessment data-flow
The adoption process for the indicator calculations which is carried out by means of this workspace, is illustrated as Accept Level 1 (data), Accept Level 2 (indicator) and Accept Level 3 (assessment) in the hazardous substances assessment data-flow (Figure 1).
Hazardous substances assessment data-flow.png
Figure 1. Data model for the HELCOM hazardous substance core indicators outlining the assessment system structure.
Green boxes indicate actions to be carried out Contracting Parties of HELCOM and orange boxes indicate actions to be carried out by ICES Secretariat. ​
4J-15 Proposed assessment protocol for hazardous substances concentration core indicators.pdf
4J-36 Endorsement for a hazardous substance assessment tool for use in HOLAS II.pdf