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Meeting Documents
A library for all meeting documents.

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Outcome_SAFE NAV 10-2019.pdf
Contact addresses of HELCOM SAFE NAV.pdf
1-1 Provisional Agenda.pdf
Adoption of the AgendaDECSecretariat13/06/2019
1-2 Annotations to the Provisional Agenda.pdf
Adoption of the AgendaCMNTSecretariat13/06/2019
2-1 Outcome of SAFE NAV 9-2018.pdf
Matters arising from HELCOM meetingsINFSecretariat13/06/2019
2-2 Information on the outcomes of recent HELCOM meetings.pdf
Matters arising from HELCOM meetingsINFSecretariat21/08/2019
3-1 Outcome of the OPENRISK Project.pdf
Accidents and ship traffic in the Baltic SeaINFSecretariat21/08/2019
3-2 Draft Annual HELCOM report on shipping accidents in the Baltic Sea area in 2018.pdf
Accidents and ship traffic in the Baltic SeaCMNTSecretariat27/08/2019
3-2-ATT 2018 shipping accidents data.xlsx
Accidents and ship traffic in the Baltic SeaCMNTSecretariat27/08/2019
5-1 Routeing in southwest of the Baltic Sea - Update 2019 to HELCOM Maritime SAFE NAV.pdf
New and existing routeing measures in the Baltic SeaINFGermany06/09/2019
6-1 Defining and updating HELCOM CAT I  II shipping routes in the Baltic Sea.pdf
Charts and bathymetryINFSweden02/09/2019
7-1 A survey on HELCOM knowledge and research needs.pdf
Any other businessCMNTSecretariat28/06/2019
7-1-Att1 HELCOM survey of knowledge and research needs_template.xlsx
Any other businessCMNTSecretariat28/06/2019
7-2 Proposal for HELCOM Recommendation concerning Deep Sea Pilotage in the Baltic Sea.pdf
Any other business DECBPAC21/08/2019
7-3 Proposal to shift the date of HELCOM Group of Experts on Safety of Navigation meetings.pdf
Any other businessDECPoland27/08/2019
7-4 Revision of HELCOM Recommendation 23-3 on Enhancing the use of pilots in route T and the Sound.pdf
Any other businessDECDenmark28/08/2019