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Final Conference of the FanpLESStic-SEA project

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 Meeting Information

Name: Final Conference of the FanpLESStic-SEA project
Code: FanpLESStic-SEA 1-2021
Location: Online meeting (EET)
30.11.2021 10:00
30.11.2021 16:00

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1_ Sylwia Migdal_The danger of (micro)plastic pollution.pdf
2_Peter Kershaw_The global scene.pdf
3_Michail Papadoyannakis_The EU approach on microplastics.pdf
4_Marta Ruiz_HELCOM framework to prevent marine litter, including microplastics, in the Baltic Sea.pdf
5_Matleena Vuola_Introduction to the FanpLESStic project.pdf
6_Claudia Lorenz and Alvise Vianello_Entry points, pathways and recipients of MPs in the Baltic Sea.pdf
7_Emma Fältström_Typical city in the BS on MPs load.pdf
8_Marjatta Vahvaselkä and Erika Winquist_Technologies for MPs removal from urban snow.pdf
9_Katarzyna Cur_Gdansk pilot studies.pdf
10_Therese Jephson_Using membrabe ultra filtration technique.pdf
11_ECAT_Communication activities.pdf
12_Monika Piotrowska_Raising awareness activities.pdf
13_Concluding remarks from the Fanplesstic Final Conference.pdf
There are no items to show in this view of the "Agenda" list.
Conference Programme.pdf
03/11/2021 12:56Marta Ruiz
Invitation to the Fanplesstic Final Conference.pdf
03/11/2021 12:56Marta Ruiz