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Meeting Documents
A library for all meeting documents.

Submitted by
Outcome of EWG OWR 16-2020.pdf
Adoption of the AgendaDECSecretariat
1-1 Provisional Annotated Agenda.pdf
Adoption of the AgendaDECSecretariat
2-1 Terms of Reference 2019-2021 for HELCOM EWG OWR.pdf
Matters arising from other HELCOM activitiesINFSecretariat
2-2 Revised HELCOM Response Manual Chapter 7. Co-operation in Oiled Wildlife Response.pdf
Matters arising from the HELCOM GroupsCMNTSecretariat
2-3 Notes from the BSAP UP Workshop on maritime activities, including underwater noise, non-indigenous species and response.pdf
Matters arising from other HELCOM activitiesCMNTSecretariat
4-1-Rev.1 Draft report on OWR activities 2019-2020.pdf
EWG OWR activitiesCMNTSecretariat
4-2 Brief outline EUROWA-2 project.pdf
EWG OWR activitiesINFSea Alarm and WWF
4-3 EUROWA Network update.pdf
EWG OWR activitiesINFSea Alarm
6-1-Rev.1 Contact addresses of EWG OWR.pdf
Any other businessCMNTSecretariat