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Scoping Meeting on Cumulative Impact Assessment

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 Meeting Information

Name: Scoping Meeting on Cumulative Impact Assessment
Code: Scoping CIA 1-2020
Location: Online meeting (EET)
08.09.2020 11:00
09.09.2020 17:00
Group: GEAR

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Outcome of CIA SCOPING 1-2020.pdf
Outcome of the MeetingDECSecretariat
1-1 Provisional Agenda.pdf
Adoption of the AgendaDECSecretariat
1-2 Preliminary timetable.pdf
Adoption of the AgendaDECSecretariat
2-1 Conclusion HELCOM survey on Cumulative Impacts Assessment.pdf
Agenda Item 2 Setting the Scene: Cumulative Impacts Assessment, history, uses and policy contextINFSecretariat
2-1 Att.1 Replies to the survey  Taking forward cumulative impact assessments in HELCOM.pdf
Agenda Item 2 Setting the Scene: Cumulative Impacts Assessment, history, uses and policy contextINFSecretariat
2-2 Background package.pdf
Setting the Scene: Cumulative Impacts Assessment, history, uses and policy contextINFSecretariat
There are no items to show in this view of the "Agenda" list.
1 Introduction to CIA_Haldin.pdf
08/09/2020 11:07Marta Ruiz
2 Context presentation CIA Scoping 1-2020 AI 3 and 4.pdf
08/09/2020 12:03Marta Ruiz
3 Cumulative Effect Assessments in Europe.pdf
09/09/2020 11:07Marta Ruiz
4 PlanWise4Blue tool.pdf
09/09/2020 11:37Marta Ruiz
5 OSPAR tool.pdf
09/09/2020 12:16Marta Ruiz
6 Symphony tool.pdf
09/09/2020 12:34Marta Ruiz
7 BSPIBSII tool.pdf
09/09/2020 12:58Marta Ruiz
8 Mytilus tool.pdf
09/09/2020 13:57Marta Ruiz
Invitation by Professional Secretary.pdf
22/06/2020 15:48Marta Ruiz
Afflerbach et al. 2017 Cumulative human impacts in the Bering Strait Region.pdf
08/09/2020 09:55Marta Ruiz
Andersen et al. 2013 Human uses, Pressures and Impacts in the Eastern North Sea.pdf
03/09/2020 12:52Jannica Haldin
Andersen et al. 2015 Baltic Sea biodiversity status vs. cumulative human pressures.pdf
07/09/2020 19:56Jannica Haldin
Ban et al. 2010 CI mapping Advances, relevance and limitations to management and conservation, Canada’s Pacific waters.pdf
03/09/2020 13:15Jannica Haldin
Goodsir et al 2015 spatially resolved assessment combined pressures.pdf
08/09/2020 10:35Marta Ruiz
Halpern et al. 2008A Global Map of Human Impact on Marine Ecosystems.pdf
03/09/2020 12:51Jannica Haldin
Halpern et al. 2009 Mapping cumulative human impacts to California Current marine ecosystems.pdf
03/09/2020 12:51Jannica Haldin
Halpern et al. 2015 Spatial and temporal changes in cumulative human impacts on the world’s ocean.pdf
03/09/2020 12:51Jannica Haldin
Hammar et al. 2020 Cumulative impact assessment for ecosystem-based marine spatial planning.pdf
03/09/2020 12:51Jannica Haldin
Heinis and de Jong, 2015 Framework for Assessing Ecological and Cumulative Effects of wind farms on harbour popoise.pdf
07/09/2020 19:58Jannica Haldin
HELCOM 2018 BSEP159 Cumulative impacts thematic assessment.pdf
03/09/2020 12:51Jannica Haldin
ICES 2019 Working Group on CEA approaches in management WGCEAM.pdf
08/09/2020 10:35Marta Ruiz
ICES 2019 Workshop on CEA approaches in management WKCEAM.pdf
08/09/2020 10:36Marta Ruiz
Jones et al. 2017 Capturing expert uncertainty in spatial cumulative impact assessments.pdf
03/09/2020 12:51Jannica Haldin
Judd et al. 2015 An effective set of principles for practical implementation of marine cumulative effects assessment.pdf
07/09/2020 19:58Jannica Haldin
Knights et al. 2013 Ident. pressure pathways from a complex network of human activities to support ecosystembased management.pdf
03/09/2020 13:13Jannica Haldin
Korpinen 2015 OSPAR CEA - evaluation of methods and outcomes.pdf
08/09/2020 10:36Marta Ruiz
Korpinen and Andersen, 2016 A Global Review of Cumulative Pressure and Impact Assessments in Marine Environments.pdf
03/09/2020 12:58Jannica Haldin
Korpinen et al. 2012 Human pressures and their potential impact on the Baltic Sea ecosystem.pdf
07/09/2020 19:58Jannica Haldin
Micheli et al. 2013 Cumulative Human Impacts on Med and Black Sea Marine Ecosystems Assessing Pressures and Opportunities.PDF
03/09/2020 13:13Jannica Haldin
Murray et al. 2015 Advancing marine cumulative effects mapping An update in Canada’s Pacific waters.pdf
03/09/2020 12:59Jannica Haldin
PBS_Cumulative_Impacts_report, 2019.pdf
03/09/2020 13:00Jannica Haldin
Singh et al. 2020 Mapping cumulative impacts to coastal ecosystem services in British Columbia.pdf
03/09/2020 13:00Jannica Haldin
Stelzenmuller et al. 2010 Quantifying CI of human pressures on the marine environment a geospatial modelling framework.pdf
03/09/2020 13:14Jannica Haldin
Stelzenmuller et al. 2018 A risk-based approach to cumulative effect assessments for marine management.pdf
03/09/2020 13:00Jannica Haldin