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8th Meeting of the Working Group on Reduction of Pressures from the Baltic Sea Catchment Area

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 Meeting Information

Name: 8th Meeting of the Working Group on Reduction of Pressures from the Baltic Sea Catchment Area
Code: PRESSURE 8-2018
Location: Berlin
18.04.2018 10:00
20.04.2018 16:00

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Outcome of PRESSURE 8-2018.pdf
Outcome and closing of the MeetingDECSecretariat
List of Documents 180418.xlsx
List of Documents_160418.pdf
Letter from Chair.pdf
1-1-Rev.1 Provisional Agenda.pdf
Adoption of the AgendaDECSecretariat
1-2 Annotations to Provisional Agenda.pdf
Adoption of the AgendaCMNTSecretariat
2-1 Outcome of the HELCOM Ministerial Meeting 2018.pdf
Matters arising from othre HELCOM workINFSecretariat
2-2 Update of the Baltic Sea Action Plan.pdf
Matters arising from other HELCOM workINFSecretariat
2-3 HELCOM Maritime Assessment 2018.pdf
Matters arising from other HELCOM workINFSecretariat
2-4 Outcomes of other meetings relevant to PRESSURE.pdf
Matters arising from other HELCOM workINFSecretariat
3-1 Concept note for a workshop to support the implementation of the HELCOM RAP ML.pdf
Marine litterDECSecretariat
3-2 Concept note for a HELCOM-INTERREG BSR-Workshop on marine litter and ecodesign.pdf
Marine litterDECSecretariat
3-3 Suggestion on work forward on a regional approach to the problem of ALDFG.pdf
Marine litterCMNTSecretariat
3-4 Follow up of implementation of the regional actions of the Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter.pdf
Marine litterDECSecretariat
3-5 Ongoing European and global processes with regard to marine litter.pdf
Marine litterINFSecretariat
3-6 Public action Clean Beach to contribute into RAP ML.pdf
Marine litterINFRussia
3-7 INTERREG project proposal FanpLESStic-sea – Initiatives to remove microplastics before they enter the sea.pdf
Marine litterINFSecretariat
3-8 Update from the MARELITT Baltic project.pdf
Marine litterINFWWF Poland
3-9 Annex I to EU Strategy for plastics – Lists of measures most relevant for marine litter.pdf
Marine litterINFEuropean Union
4-1 Report on current activities of HELCOM EN-Noise.pdf
Underwater noiseINFChair of EN-Noise
4-2 Joint Industry Programme on Exploration and Production Sound and Marine Life – Programme Review Meeting.pdf
Underwater noiseINFSecretariat
5-1 The use of the data on dredging_depositing operations at sea to assess damage to the sea floor in the Baltic Sea.pdf
Physical damage to the sea floorDECSecretariat
5-2 Draft analysis of data on handling of dredged material at sea in 2015.pdf
Physical damage to the sea floorCMNTSecretariat
7-1 Draft EMEP report on Reduction of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition.pdf
Measures to reduce nutrient loadsCMNTSecretariat
7-10 Updated evaluation of the nutrient input to the Baltic Sea by the seven big rivers.pdf
Measures to reduce Nutrient LoadsDECSecretariat
7-11 Nutrient concentrations at the limnic-marine transition point as an indicator for environmental targets.pdf
Measures to reduce nutrient loadsINFGermany
7-12 Status of the PLC-6 report on evaluation on effectiveness of measures.pdf
Measures to reduce nutrient loadsINFPLC-6 Project Manager
7-13 Progress report on PLC-7 project.pdf
Measures to reduce nutrient loadsINFPLC-7 Project Manager
7-14 Information on the workshop on internal nutrient reserves.pdf
Measures to reduce nutrient loadsINFSecretariat
7-15 Nutrient inputs to the Baltic Sea by the big rivers and integrated river basin management.pdf
Measures to reduce nutrient loadsCMNTCCB
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1 P-deposition_Selected indicators and assessment of marine environment within the framework of implementation of MSFD.pdf
2 Regional principles and a risk assessment framework for management of internal nutrient reserves within HELCOM.pdf
3 Suggestions on deletion and revision of some Russian hot spots.pdf
4 Current activities and further plans at Krasny Bor.pdf
5 Krasny Bor monitoring_State of the environment and environmental risk management.pdf
6 German AAP_Verification and further development of the monitoring system for Krasny Bor landfill.pdf
Invit to PRESSURE 8_Germany.pdf
Invitation to PRESSURE 8-2018_Executive Secretary.pdf
Preliminary timetable_1604.pdf