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Meeting Documents
A library for all meeting documents.

Submitted by
Outcome of PLC-8 IG 6-2021.pdf
1-1 Provisional Annotated Agenda.pdf
Adoption of the AgendaDECProject Manager and Secretariat
2-1 BSAP actions relevant for the PLC-8 IG.pdf
Matters arising from other HELCOM workINFSecretariat
2-2 Updated assessment workplan and timeline for HOLAS 3.pdf
Matters arising from other HELCOM workINFSecretariat
3-1 Status of the 2020 annual PLC data reporting.pdf
PLC-8 activitiesINFSecretariat
3-2 Planning the PLC workshop on the effectiveness of measures and analysis of implementation obstacles and best practices.pdf
PLC-8 activitiesDECSecretariat
3-3 Thematic report on effectiveness of measures to reduce nutrient inputs to the Baltic Sea.pdf
PLC-8 activitiesDECFinland
4-1 Statistical methodology report.pdf
Finalizing the PLC-7 productsINFPLC-7 Project Manager
4-2 A draft PLC-7 executive summary.pdf
Finalizing the PLC-7 productsCMNTSecretariat
4-3 Assessment of nutrient sources inputs to the Baltic Sea in 2017.pdf
Finalizing the PLC-7 productsDECPLC-7 Project Manager