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Meeting Documents
A library for all meeting documents.

Submitted by
Outcome of PLC-6 15-2017.pdf
1-1 Provisional Annotated Agenda.pdf
Adoption of the AgendaDECProject Manager and Secretariat
2-1 Matters arising from other HELCOM meetings.pdf
Information from the Project Manager, Secretariat and Contracting PartiesINFSecretariat
3-1 revised draft HELCOM Core Pressure Indicator on Nutrient Inputs.pdf
Finalizing of the HELCOM core indicator on MAI for submission to HOD 52-2017INFProject Manager and Secretariat
4-1  An updated suggestion for the CART policy message.pdf
Assessment of progress towards CARTCMNTSecretariat
7-1 Chapter 3 Background information.pdf
Background information and spatial dataCMNTFinland
9-1 Status of the annual reporting 2015.pdf
PLC-7 relevant issues: update of the PLC Guidelines and PLC annual reporting 2015CMNTPLC Data Manager