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This system library was created by the Publishing feature to store documents that are used on pages in this site.

3-1 ResultsGermanMORSMonitoring2017_2018.pdf
27/05/2019 09:15Teija-Liisa Lehtinen
3-A Monitoring of Radionuclides in the Baltic Sea_2018.ppt
23/05/2019 10:39Joni Kaitaranta
3-B K Leonard_Cefas_ OSPAR_HELCOM_May 2019.ppt
23/05/2019 10:39Joni Kaitaranta
23/05/2019 10:40Joni Kaitaranta
23/05/2019 10:40Joni Kaitaranta
4-C IAEA MARiS HELCOM 2019.pptx
23/05/2019 11:34Joni Kaitaranta
5-A Results of the sea water intercomparison Cs-137 and Sr-90.ppt
23/05/2019 10:41Joni Kaitaranta
5-B IAEA HELCOM 2018 seawater PT.pdf
23/05/2019 10:42Joni Kaitaranta
6-A OSPAR methodology.pdf
23/05/2019 10:49Joni Kaitaranta
6-B Revision of HELCOM ecological objectives for radioactive substances.pptx
23/05/2019 11:25Joni Kaitaranta
13/06/2019 09:40Vesa-Pekka Vartti