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18th Meeting of the Intersessional Network on Eutrophication

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 Meeting Information

Name: 18th Meeting of the Intersessional Network on Eutrophication
Code: IN-Eutrophication 18-2020
Location: Online meeting (EET)
05.11.2020 10:00
05.11.2020 13:00
Subgroup: IN Eutrophication

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Submitted by
Outcome of IN-EUTROPHICATION 18-2020.pdf
Outcome of the MeetingDECSecretariat
1-1 Provisional Annotated Agenda.pdf
Opening of the meeting and adoption of the agendaDECSecretariat and Chair
3-1 Eutrophication Work Plan - Future Work on HELCOM indicators.pdf
Oxygen indicator developmentCMNTSecretariat
4-1 Projects supporting Eutrophication data flows and assessment.pdf
Upcoming HELCOM projects relevant to eutrophication assessmentINFSecretariat
5-1 Proposal for a new assessment unit for eutrophication - Pomeranian Bight.pdf
Any other businessDECGermany and Poland
Presentation 1- IN-EUTROPHICATION 18-2020-confidence assessment.pdf
05/11/2020 14:20Laura Kaikkonen
Presentation 2-IN-EUTROPHICATION 18-2020-oxygen test assessment-GER.pdf
06/11/2020 12:43Laura Kaikkonen
Presentation 3- IN-Eut-18_proposed assessment unit Pomeranian Bight.pdf
09/11/2020 11:01Laura Kaikkonen
Presentation 4 -IN Eutro 18 German Research Project_final.pdf
09/11/2020 11:01Laura Kaikkonen
Document template.docx
02/10/2020 15:23Joni Kaitaranta