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Meeting Documents
A library for all meeting documents.

Submitted by
1-1 Agenda.pdf
Opening of the meeting and adoption of the agendaDECSecretariat and Chair
4-1 DRAFT Developing the cyanobacterial bloom index into a core indicator.docx
Status of eutrophication indicator developmentDECFinland
4-2 DRAFT Development of total nutrient indicators.docx
Status of eutrophication indicator developmentsDECGermany
4-3Rev1 DRAFT Common shallow water oxygen indicator for open-sea areas.docx
Status of eutrophication indicator developmentsDECGermany
5-1 DRAFT Adjustments to HEAT 3.docx
Status of HEAT Tool developmentDECFinland
6-1 Progress of oxygen debt algorithm development.pdf
Status of assessment data flow and algorithm developmentINFICES