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19th Meeting of the Intersessional Network on eutrophication

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 Meeting Information

Name: 19th Meeting of the Intersessional Network on eutrophication
Code: IN-EUTRO 19-2021
Location: Online meeting (EET)
04.03.2021 10:00
04.03.2021 17:00
Subgroup: IN Eutrophication

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Submitted by
Outcome IN-EUTROPHICATION 19-2021.pdf
DECOutcome of the MeetingSecretariat
1-1 rev.1 Revised Provisional Annotated Agenda.pdf
DECAdoption of the AgendaSecretariat
1-1  Provisional Annotated Agenda.pdf
DECOpening of the Meeting and adoption of the agendaSecretariat and Chair
2-1 Timeline overview for HOLAS III processes.pdf
INFOxygen indicator developmentSecretariat
3 -1 Eutrophication work plan – Future work on indicators.pdf
CMNTEutrophication indicator work planSecretariat
4-1 Dividing the open Gulf of Finland into sub-units for eutrophication assessment purposes.pdf
DECSplitting assessment unitsFinland
4-1 Att. 1 Ideas on new thresholds in proposed assessment units.xlsx
Splitting assessment unitsFinland
5 -1 Development of the HEAT procedure.pdf
CMNTImprovements in the HEAT assessment procedureSecretariat with Finland and Germany
5-1 Att. 1 Indicator weights.xlsx
Improvements in the HEAT assessment procedureFinland
6-1 Draft Climate Change Fact Sheet.pdf
INFInput from HELCOM projects, groups, and processes relevant to eutrophication assessmentSecretariat
Document template.docx
29/01/2021 12:25Laura Kaikkonen
Presentation 1 HOLAS III Planning and process.pdf
10/03/2021 15:42Laura Kaikkonen
Presentation 2 - Indicators for GoF 2021.pdf
10/03/2021 14:55Laura Kaikkonen
Presentation 3 - Preliminary thoughts regarding proposed GoF assessment units.pdf
10/03/2021 15:00Laura Kaikkonen
Provisional Timetable_IN-EUTROPHICATION_19-2021.pdf
23/02/2021 17:57Laura Kaikkonen