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45th Meeting of the Heads of Delegation

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 Meeting Information

Name: 45th Meeting of the Heads of Delegation
Code: HOD 45-2014
Location: Helsinki
06.02.2014 10:00
07.02.2014 14:00
Group: HOD

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Submitted by
Outcome of HELCOM HOD 45-2014.pdf
1-1 Provisional Agenda.pdf
DECExecutive Secretary
1-2 Annotations to the provisional agenda.pdf
DECExecutive Secretary
2-1 Provisional Programme of the Jubilee Session.pdf
CMNTExecutive Secretary
3-1 Outcome of GEAR 5-2013.pdf
DECExecutive Secretary
3-2 Updated Roadmap of HELCOM activities on ecosystem approach.pdf
DECExecutive Secretary
3-3 Outcome of the work of the Task Group on Streamlining.pdf
DECTask Group on Streamlining
3-4 Update on modernization of HELCOM data management and systems.pdf
CMNTExecutive Secretary
3-5 Cooperation between HELCOM and OSPAR, Bonn Agreement, Black Sea Commission and ICES.pdf
CMNTExecutive Secretary
3-6 On-going projects.pdf
INFExecutive Secretary
3-7 Lessons learnt from projects.pdf
CMNTExecutive Secretary
3-8 Role of the Helsinki Commission and HOD.pdf
CMNTExecutive Secretary
3-9 Comments to the HELCOM PLUS; Update on progress.pdf
4-1 Accounts of the Commission 1 July 2012 - 30 July 2013.pdf
DECExecutive Secretary
4-2 Draft budget 2014-2015 and budget estimate 2015-2016.pdf
DECExecutive Secretary
5-1 First draft for a new HELCOM Communication Strategy.pdf
CMNTExecutive Secretary
5-2 Progress report on communication activities.pdf
DECExecutive Secretary
6-1 HELCOM and other meetings in 2014.pdf
INFExecutive Secretary
6-2 HELCOM MUNI Report.pdf
INFExecutive Secretary
6-3 Draft HELCOM Rec_System of coastal and marine Baltic Sea protected areas (HELCOM MPA).pdf
6-4 Establishment of a European Red List of Habitats.pdf
DECExecutive Secretary
6-5 CHEMSEA Policy Paper.pdf
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