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Participation Survey (Registration)

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Will you participate in the meeting?


Which day(s) will you attend the meeting?

Both days (8-9.5)

Organisation (complete name in English, to be displayed in the list of participants)

Ministry of the Environment, Department of the Built Environment

Email address (to be displayed in the list of participants)

Please provide any other relevant information concerning your participation, dietary requirements etc.

kiwi fruit

Will you attend the VELMU field trip on Tuesday morning?

As part of the international consultation meeting on Finnish national MSP,
the host country Finland is organizing a field trip to a nearby island to take a look at
how the VELMU (Finnish Marine Inventory Programme) works in practice.
The participants of the HELCOM-VASAB MSP WG 16-2018 are also invited to
the field trip on Tuesday before the meeting.

The field trip will begin at 8.30 from the city centre, and end by 13.15.
Lunch is included on the island and transport to the HELCOM-VASAB MSP WG Meeting will be provided.

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