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Meeting Documents
A library for all meeting documents.

Programme of the Workshop_ with links to presentations.pdf
Challenges in modelling benthic nutrient fluxes - the importance of observations.pdf
Spatial and temporal dynamics of phosphorus reserves between sediment, deep water and productive layers in the GOF.pdf
Nutrients - Introduction.pdf
Internal Phosphorus Reserves in the Baltic Sea and the South-Western Inner Coastal Waters.pdf
Summary of Surface water P concentration in winter is rising in the Baltic proper – how much may it rise.pdf
Multi-Parameter Offshore Sediment Study MBOSS.pdf
Mitigation of the Baltic Sea eutrophication has to take into account – the erosion of old clays.pdf
Ecologically relevant phosphorus in coastal sediments.pdf
Estimating the pool of mobile phosphorus in the soft sediments of the Baltic Sea.pdf
Approaches to manage internal loading in lakes throug LIFE AP Rich Waters.pdf
Remediation of Björnöfjärden in the Stockholm archipelago.pdf
Potential and risks of proposed sea-based measures_EUTROPH 6.pdf
Progress towards MAI and CART - Results of HELCOM PLC-6 Project.pdf
Legacy phosphorus in the Baltic Sea drainage basin.pdf
Opportunities towards closing the phosphorus cycle on land.pdf
Legal Aspects of Potential Measures to Manage Internal Nutrient Reserves.pdf
Marine geo-engineering under the LP and assessment framework for measures to manage internal nutrient reserves in BS.pdf
Costs and benefits of the proposed sea based measures - preliminary results of our review.pdf
Nordic Financing for Tackling Environmental Challenges.pdf
BONUS Article 185 programme.pdf