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Extra Meeting of HELCOM Expert Network on Benthic Habitats

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 Meeting Information

Name: Extra Meeting of HELCOM Expert Network on Benthic Habitats
Code: EN BENTHIC 3a-2020
Location: Online meeting
05.03.2020 10:00
05.03.2020 13:00
Subgroup: EN BENTHIC

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EN BENTHIC 3a-2020 Outcome.pdf
1-1 Provisional Annotated Agenda_EN Benthic 3a.pdf
Adoption of the Agenda DECSecretariat and Chair
2-1 Collated information on national priority habitats.pdf
Work plan for 2019-2021CMNTSecretariat
2-1 att.1 National priority habitat mapping_combined.xlsx
Work plan for 2019-2021CMNTSecretariat
2-2 Terms of Reference for HELCOM EN BENTHIC.pdf
Work plan for 2019-2021DECSecretariat
2-3 Practical guidance on how different hierarchical levels of habitats can be tackled within the same assessment.pdf
Work plan for 2019-2021INFSecretariat
2-4 Responses to Questionnaire on mapping of habitats, biotopes and species.pdf
Work plan for 2019-2021INFSecretariat
2-5 Recommendations and guidelines for benthic habitat monitoring in the Baltic Sea.pdf
Work plan for 2019-2021CMNTSecretariat
2-6 Information on how the HOLAS2 ecosystem component maps were prepared.pdf
Work plan for 2019-2021INFSecretariat
There are no items to show in this view of the "Agenda" list.
BONUS SEAM_presentation_EN_BENTHIC.pdf
16/03/2020 16:24Laura Hoikkala
Document template_EN BENTHIC 3a.docx
17/01/2020 14:06Laura Hoikkala
Hoey and Wittoeck - Inventarisation of the benthic survey methods and designs in the North Sea region.pdf
10/03/2020 13:42Laura Hoikkala