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Meeting Documents
A library for all meeting documents.

Submitted by
1-1 Provisional annotated agenda.pdf
Adoption of the AgendaCMNTSecretariat
4-1 Background to aligning EQSD with HELCOM core indicator GES-boundaries.pdf
Aligning GES-boundaries with other relevant targetsINFSecretariat
5-2 Proposal for an indicator Estrogenic-like chemicals and effects.pdf
Finalization of core indicator reportsINFSecretariat
5-1 Communicating time-lag in status core indicators to implemented measures.pdf
Finalization of core indicator reportsINFSecretariat
5-3 White-tailed eagle indicator.pdf
Finalization of core indicator reportsCMNTSecretariat
2-1 Extracts from recent HELCOM meetings of relevance for CORESET II.pdf
Information by the Secretariat, Contracting Parties and ObserversINFSecretariat
3-1 ICES background document for CORESET II BALSAM WP2 meeting.pdf
Long term data-arrangements for the core indicatorsCMNTSecretariat
3-2 Statistical treatment first HELCOM-OSPAR method comparison.pdf
Long-term data arrangementsCMNTSweden
Outcome of CORESET II 2015 HZBE - BALSAM WP2.pdf
OUtcome of the meetingCMNTSecretariat