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HOLAS II Eutro WS 1-2018Go to siteHOLAS II Workshop on integrated eutrophication assessment 19/03/2018 09:0019/03/2018 17:00Helsinki
HOLAS II Biodiv WS 3-2018Go to siteHOLAS II Workshop on integrated biodiversity assessment 20/03/2018 09:0020/03/2018 17:00Helsinki
IN-EUTROPHICATION 10-2018Go to site10th Meeting of the Intersessional Network on Eutrophication 20/03/2018 11:0021/03/2018 16:00Helsinki
HOLAS II HZ WS 1-2018Go to siteHOLAS II Workshop on integrated hazardous substances assessment 21/03/2018 09:0021/03/2018 17:00Helsinki
IWGAS 2018Go to siteAnnual Meeting of the Informal Working Group on Aerial Surveillance 22/03/2018 10:0023/03/2018 14:00Stockholm/Skavsta airport
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EN ESA 1-2018Go to siteHELCOM ESA expert network meeting 14/03/2018 13:0014/03/2018 17:00Helsinki
HOLAS II ESA WS 3-2018Go to siteWorkshop on the HOLAS II Economic and social analyses 13/03/2018 09:0014/03/2018 12:00Helsinki
RedCore DG 19-2018Go to site19th Meeting of the Reduction Scheme Core Drafting Group (RedCore 19-2018) 12/03/2018 11:3013/03/2018 14:00Uppsala
HELCOM MINISTERIAL 2018Go to siteHELCOM Ministerial Meeting 201806/03/2018 00:0006/03/2018 00:00Brussels
HELCOM 39-2018Go to site39th Meeting of the Helsinki Commission05/03/2018 10:0005/03/2018 17:00Brussels
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HELCOM Slides 2015.pptx
12/11/2015 12:12
03/06/2016 16:10
03/06/2016 16:10
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