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TG BALLAST 11-2020Go to site11th Meeting of the Joint HELCOM/OSPAR Task Group on Ballast Water Management Convention (BWMC) and Biofouling 26/11/2020 10:0027/11/2020 13:00Online meeting (CET)
SOM Platform 5-2020Go to siteFifth Meeting of the ad hoc HELCOM Platform on sufficiency of measures 30/11/2020 10:0030/11/2020 17:00Online meeting (EET)
EN CLIME 6C-2020Go to siteIntersessional Meeting of the joint HELCOM/Baltic Earth Expert Network on Climate Change30/11/2020 14:0030/11/2020 17:00Online meeting
HOD 59-2020Go to site59th Meeting of the Heads of Delegation07/12/2020 09:3008/12/2020 18:00Online meeting (EET)
DG BSAP SEA 2-2021Go to siteSecond Meeting of the Sea-based activities segment team for drafting the updated Baltic Sea Action Plan 13/01/2021 10:0013/01/2021 16:00Online meeting (EET)
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STATE & CONSERVATION 13C-2020Go to siteState and Conservation intersessional meeting on the MPA LIFE project proposal24/11/2020 10:0024/11/2020 17:00Online meeting (EET)
DG BSAP 4-2020Go to siteFourth Meeting of the Ad hoc Drafting Group for the Updated Baltic Sea Action Plan 23/11/2020 10:3023/11/2020 12:30Online meeting (EET)
EG MAMA 14A-2020Go to siteIntersessional meeting of the HELCOM Expert Group on Marine Mammals19/11/2020 10:3019/11/2020 13:00Online meeting (EET)
DG BSAP EUTRO 2-2020Go to siteSecond Meeting of the Eutrophication segment team for drafting the updated Baltic Sea Action Plan 16/11/2020 10:0016/11/2020 12:00Online meeting (EET)
HELCOM-VASAB MSP WG 21-2020Go to site21st Meeting of the joint HELCOM-VASAB Maritime Spatial Planning Working Group12/11/2020 10:0013/11/2020 17:00Online meeting (EET)
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28/05/2020 10:18
HELCOM - State of the Baltic Sea.pptx
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28/05/2020 10:18
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