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DG BSAP 3-2020Go to siteThird Meeting of the Drafting Group for the Updated Baltic Sea Action Plan 01/10/2020 10:3001/10/2020 12:30Online meeting (EEST)
STATE & CONSERVATION 13-2020Go to site13th Meeting of the Working Group on the State of the Environment and Nature Conservation05/10/2020 09:0009/10/2020 14:00Online meeting (CEST)
MARITIME 20-2020Go to site20th Meeting of the Maritime Working Group05/10/2020 10:0008/10/2020 14:00Online meeting (EEST)
WS RAP ML 5-2020Go to site5th Workshop on implementation of the Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter12/10/2020 10:0012/10/2020 17:00Online meeting (EEST)
DG BSAP SEA 1-2020Go to siteFirst Meeting of the Sea-based activities segment team for drafting the updated Baltic Sea Action Plan12/10/2020 12:0012/10/2020 14:00Online meeting (EEST)
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GREEN TEAM 4-2020Go to site4th Meeting of the HELCOM MARITIME Sub-group on Green Technology and Alternative Fuels for Shipping22/09/2020 10:0022/09/2020 15:00Online meeting (EEST)
EG MAMA 14-2020Go to site14th Meeting of HELCOM Expert Group on Marine Mammals22/09/2020 10:0024/09/2020 15:00Online meeting (CEST)
EWG OWR 16-2020Go to site16th Meeting of the Expert Working Group on Oiled Wildlife Response22/09/2020 10:0022/09/2020 13:00Online meeting (EEST)
EN CLIME 6-2020Go to siteSixth Meeting of the joint HELCOM/Baltic Earth Expert Network on Climate Change22/09/2020 09:0023/09/2020 17:00Online meeting (CEST)
EN-HZ 13-2020Go to site13th Meeting of the Expert Network on Hazardous Substances (and Biological Effects Workshop) 22/09/2020 09:0023/09/2020 16:00Online meeting
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28/05/2020 10:18
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