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Meeting infromation list

Third Meeting of the Drafting Group for the Updated Baltic Sea Action Plan DG BSAP 3-2020Go to site01/10/2020 10:3001/10/2020 12:30Online meeting (EEST)
13th Meeting of the Working Group on the State of the Environment and Nature ConservationSTATE & CONSERVATION 13-2020Go to site05/10/2020 09:0009/10/2020 14:00Online meeting (CEST)
20th Meeting of the Maritime Working GroupMARITIME 20-2020Go to site05/10/2020 10:0008/10/2020 14:00Online meeting (EEST)
5th Workshop on implementation of the Regional Action Plan on Marine LitterWS RAP ML 5-2020Go to site12/10/2020 10:0012/10/2020 17:00Online meeting (EEST)
13th Meeting of the Working Group on Reduction of Pressures from the Baltic Sea Catchment AreaPRESSURE 13-2020Go to site13/10/2020 10:0016/10/2020 16:00Online meeting (EET)
Fifth meeting of the HELCOM Science Agenda Task Group Science Agenda TG 5-2020Go to site13/10/2020 10:0013/10/2020 13:00Online meeting (EET)
Extra meeting of the Expert Group on Monitoring of Radioactive Substances in the Baltic SeaMORS EG 10A-2020Go to site14/10/2020 13:0014/10/2020 17:00Online meeting (EEST)
18th Meeting of the Intersessional Network on EutrophicationIN-Eutrophication 18-2020Go to site30/10/2020 10:0030/10/2020 13:00Online meeting (EEST)
28th Meeting of the Response Working GroupRESPONSE 28-2020Go to site03/11/2020 10:0005/11/2020 13:00Online meeting (EET)
10th Meeting of the Group on Sustainable Agricultural PracticesAGRI 10-2020Go to site04/11/2020 10:0005/11/2020 17:00Online meeting (EET)
Second HELCOM Workshop on Benthic MappingBenthic Mapping WS 2-2020Go to site09/11/2020 04:0010/11/2020 04:00tbd
23rd Meeting of the Group for the Implementation of the Ecosystem Approach GEAR 23-2020Go to site09/11/2020 10:0011/11/2020 16:00Online meeting (EET)
4th meeting of the HELCOM Expert Network on Benthic habitatsEN BENTHIC 4-2020Go to site11/11/2020 04:0013/11/2020 04:00tbd
12th Meeting of the HELCOM Group on Ecosystem-based Sustainable FisheriesFISH 12-2020Go to site11/11/2020 10:0012/11/2020 17:00Online meeting (EET)
21st Meeting of the joint HELCOM-VASAB Maritime Spatial Planning Working GroupHELCOM-VASAB MSP WG 21-2020Go to site12/11/2020 10:0013/11/2020 17:00Online meeting (EET)
11th Meeting of the Joint HELCOM/OSPAR Task Group on Ballast Water Management Convention Exemptions TG BALLAST 11-2020Go to site26/11/2020 10:0027/11/2020 13:00Online meeting (CET)
59th Meeting of the Heads of DelegationHOD 59-2020Go to site07/12/2020 09:3008/12/2020 18:00Online meeting (EET)
17th Meeting of the Expert Working Group on Oiled Wildlife ResponseEWG OWR 17-2021Go to site09/02/2021 00:0009/02/2021 00:00Online meeting (EET)
42nd Meeting of the Helsinki CommissionHELCOM 42-2021Go to site17/03/2021 00:0018/03/2021 00:00Helsinki
24th Meeting of the Group for the Implementation of the Ecosystem Approach GEAR 24-2021Go to site18/05/2021 00:0020/05/2021 00:00
60th Meeting of the Heads of DelegationHOD 60-2021Go to site03/06/2021 00:0004/06/2021 00:00
25th Meeting of the Group for the Implementation of the Ecosystem Approach GEAR 25-2021Go to site08/11/2021 00:0010/11/2021 00:00