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Meeting infromation list

First Meeting of the Joint HELCOM/OSPAR Task Group on Ballast Water Management Convention (BWMC) and Biofouling JTG BALLAST&BIOFOULING 1-2021Go to site02/12/2021 10:0003/12/2021 14:00Online meeting (EET)
61st Meeting of the Heads of Delegation HOD 61-2021Go to site08/12/2021 09:3009/12/2021 18:00Online meeting (EET)
6th Meeting of the PLC-8 Project Implementation GroupPLC-8 IG 6-2021Go to site15/12/2021 10:0017/12/2021 13:00Online meeting (EET)
Fifth Meeting of the HELCOM Correspondence Group on Food websCG FOODWEB 5-2022Go to site24/01/2022 10:0024/01/2022 13:00Online meeting (EET)
 Intersessional Meeting of the joint HELCOM-VASAB Maritime Spatial Planning Working GroupHELCOM-VASAB MSP WG 23A-2022Go to site27/01/2022 10:0027/01/2022 16:00Online meeting (EET)
Workshop on Other Effective Area-based Conservation Measures (OECMs) in the Baltic Sea AreaOECM WS 1-2022Go to site01/02/2022 10:0003/02/2022 16:00Helsinki
10th Meeting of the Cooperation Platform on Port Reception FacilitiesCP PRF 10-2022Go to site02/02/2022 00:0002/02/2022 00:00Online meeting (EET)
43rd Meeting of the Helsinki CommissionHELCOM 43-2022Go to site03/03/2022 00:0004/03/2022 00:00Helsinki
30th Meeting of the Response Working GroupRESPONSE 30-2022Go to site15/03/2022 00:0018/03/2022 00:00Helsinki
5th Meeting of the Correspondence Group concerning a draft document on BAT/BEP descriptions for sustainable aquaculture in the Baltic Sea region CG AQUACULTURE 5-2021Go to site22/03/2022 10:0022/03/2022 16:00Online meeting (EET)
SixthMeeting of the HELCOM Correspondence Group on Food websCG FOODWEB 6-2022Go to site28/03/2022 10:0028/03/2022 17:00Online meeting (EET)
Annual Meeting of the Informal Working Group on Aerial Surveillance IWGAS 2022IWGAS 2022Go to site29/03/2022 00:0030/03/2022 00:00Helsinki
6th Meeting of the HELCOM MARITIME Sub-group on Green Technology and Alternative Fuels for ShippingGREEN TEAM 6-2022Go to site12/05/2022 00:0012/05/2022 00:00Mariehamn, Åland Islands
13th Meeting of the Group of Experts on Safety of NavigationSAFE NAV 13-2022Go to site01/06/2022 00:0001/06/2022 00:00tbc
62nd Meeting of the Heads of Delegation HOD 62-2022Go to site14/06/2022 00:0015/06/2022 00:00Helsinki
22nd Meeting of the Maritime Working GroupMARITIME 22-2022Go to site27/09/2022 00:0029/09/2022 00:00Norrköping
44th Meeting of the Helsinki CommissionHELCOM 44-2023Go to site15/03/2023 00:0016/03/2023 00:00Helsinki