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Meeting infromation list

18th Meeting of the joint HELCOM-VASAB Maritime Spatial Planning Working GroupHELCOM-VASAB MSP WG 18-2019Go to site27/03/2019 09:0028/03/2019 16:00Hamburg
Meeting of HELCOM Cooperation Platform on Special Area According to MARPOL Annex IVCP PRF 8-2019Go to site27/03/2019 14:0028/03/2019 12:00Helsinki
12th Meeting of the Intersessional Network on EutrophicationIN-EUTROPHICATION 12-2019Go to site01/04/2019 14:0001/04/2019 17:00Online meeting (EET)
11th Meeting of the Baltic Sea Region MSP Data Expert Sub-groupBSR MSP Data ESG 11-2019Go to site04/04/2019 09:0004/04/2019 13:00Copenhagen
10th Meeting of the Expert Network on Hazardous SubstancesEN-HZ 10-2019Go to site04/04/2019 10:0005/04/2019 16:00Copenhagen
10th Meeting of the Working Group on Reduction of Pressures from the Baltic Sea Catchment AreaPRESSURE 10-2019Go to site09/04/2019 12:0012/04/2019 16:00Estonia
10th Meeting of the Working Group on the State of the Environment and Nature ConservationSTATE & CONSERVATION 10-2019Go to site06/05/2019 10:0010/05/2019 14:30tbc
HELCOM indicator workshop 1INDICATOR WS 1-2019Go to site14/05/2019 10:0015/05/2019 12:00Berlin
20th Meeting of the Group for the Implementation of the Ecosystem ApproachGEAR 20-2019Go to site15/05/2019 00:0017/05/2019 00:00Berlin
9th Meeting of the HELCOM Expert Group on Monitoring of Radioactive Substances in the Baltic Sea MORS EG 9-2019Go to site21/05/2019 00:0023/05/2019 00:00Roskilde
30th Meeting of the HELCOM Expert Working Group for Mutual Exchange and Deliveries of AIS & Data AIS EWG 30-2019Go to site28/05/2019 00:0029/05/2019 00:00Helsinki
26th Meeting of the Response Working Group RESPONSE 26-2019Go to site03/06/2019 10:0005/06/2019 16:00Warsaw
56th Meeting of the HELCOM Heads of Delegation HOD 56-2019Go to site18/06/2019 00:0019/06/2019 00:00Helsinki
19th Meeting of the Maritime Working GroupMARITIME 19-2019Go to site24/09/2019 00:0026/09/2019 00:00Lisbon
10th Meeting of the Joint HELCOM/OSPAR Task Group on Ballast Water Management Convention Exemptions TG BALLAST 10-2019Go to site17/12/2019 00:0018/12/2019 00:00Tallinn