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Meeting infromation list

HELCOM – BONUS BALTICAPP regional workshop on the use of ecological–economic research to support and improve marine policy implementation in the Baltic Sea regionHELCOM – BONUS BALTICAPP WSGo to siteGo to documentsGEAR29/03/2017 10:0030/03/2017 15:00StockholmSweden
Workshop on the HOLAS II Economic and social analyses HOLAS II ESA WS 2-2017Go to siteGo to documentsGEARHOLAS II31/03/2017 09:0031/03/2017 17:00StockholmSweden
Online meeting for planning RED LIST WS 1-2017Red List WS planning 1-2017Go to siteGo to documentsSTATE & CONSERVATION03/04/2017 10:0003/04/2017 13:00Online meetingNot applicable
4th Meeting of the Group on Sustainable Agricultural Practices AGRI 4-2017Go to siteGo to documentsAGRI03/04/2017 14:0004/04/2017 18:00BrusselsBelgium
7th Meeting of the Project for the development of the second holistic assessment of the Baltic SeaHOLAS II 7-2017Go to siteGo to documentsGEARHOLAS II04/04/2017 10:0006/04/2017 16:00CopenhagenDenmark
6th Meeting of the Baltic Sea Region MSP Data Expert Sub-groupBSR MSP Data ESG 6-2017Go to siteGo to documents11/04/2017 12:0012/04/2017 13:00RigaLatvia
6th Meeting of the Working Group on Reduction of Pressures from the Baltic Sea Catchment AreaPRESSURE 6-2017Go to siteGo to documentsPRESSURE25/04/2017 00:0027/04/2017 00:00St. PetersburgRussia
7th Meeting of the Expert Group on Monitoring of Radioactive Substances in the Baltic Sea MORS EG 7-2017Go to siteGo to documentsSTATE & CONSERVATIONMORS02/05/2017 09:0004/05/2017 13:00TallinnEstonia
Seminar on the use of AIS dataAIS Seminar 2017Go to siteGo to documentsMARITIMEAIS EWG09/05/2017 09:0009/05/2017 16:00HelsinkiFinland
14th Meeting of the HELCOM-VASAB Maritime Spatial Planning Working Group HELCOM-VASAB MSP WG 14-2017Go to siteGo to documentsHELCOM-VASAB MSP WG10/05/2017 12:0011/05/2017 16:00StockholmSweden
Annual Meeting of the HELCOM Informal Working Group on Aerial Surveillance IWGAS 2017Go to siteGo to documentsRESPONSEIWGAS11/05/2017 12:0012/05/2017 13:00StockholmSweden
6th Meeting of the Working Group on the State of the Environment and Nature Conservation STATE & CONSERVATION 6-2017Go to siteGo to documentsSTATE & CONSERVATION15/05/2017 00:0019/05/2017 00:00UppsalaSweden
1st workshop for planning the updating HELCOM Red list assessmentsRED LIST WS 1-2017Go to siteGo to documentsSTATE & CONSERVATION15/05/2017 09:0016/05/2017 10:30UppsalaSweden
15th Meeting of the Sixth Baltic Sea Pollution Load Compilation Project (PLC-6)PLC-6 15-2017Go to siteGo to documentsPRESSURE22/05/2017 00:0024/05/2017 00:00
17th Meeting of the Reduction Scheme Core Drafting Group (RedCore 17-2017) RedCore DG 17-2017Go to siteGo to documentsPRESSURERedCore DG22/05/2017 09:0022/05/2017 13:00
6th Meeting of the Group on Ecosystem-based Sustainable FisheriesFISH 6-2017Go to siteGo to documentsFISH22/05/2017 13:0024/05/2017 14:00Helsinki
16th Meeting of the Group for the Implementation of the Ecosystem ApproachGEAR 16-2017Go to siteGo to documentsGEAR23/05/2017 00:0024/05/2017 00:00HelsinkiFinland
4th Meeting of the Task Force on migratory fish speciesFISH-M 4-2017Go to siteGo to documentsFISHFISH-M29/05/2017 10:0030/05/2017 15:00BredstenDenmark
28th Meeting of the Expert Working Group for Mutual Exchange and Deliveries of AIS & DataAIS EWG 28-2017Go to siteGo to documentsMARITIMEAIS EWG07/06/2017 09:0008/06/2017 16:00StockholmSweden
1st inter-regional Workshop on Risk Assessment methods for Pollution Prevention and Response OPENRISK Workshop 1Go to siteGo to documentsRESPONSE13/06/2017 09:3014/06/2017 12:00HelsinkiFinland
23rd Meeting of the Response Working GroupRESPONSE 23-2017Go to siteGo to documentsRESPONSENot Applicable14/06/2017 13:0016/06/2017 15:00HelsinkiFinland
52nd Meeting of the Heads of DelegationHOD 52-2017Go to siteGo to documentsHOD20/06/2017 00:0021/06/2017 00:00tbc
17th Meeting of the Maritime Working GroupMARITIME 17-2017Go to siteGo to documentsMARITIME10/10/2017 10:0012/10/2017 14:00St. PetersburgRussia
5th Meeting of the Continuation of the Project on Baltic-wide assessment of coastal fish communities in support of an ecosystem-based managementFISH-PRO II 5-2018Go to siteGo to documentsSTATE & CONSERVATION; FISH14/02/2018 09:0016/02/2018 13:00GothenburgSweden