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15th Meeting of the Expert Working Group on Oiled Wildlife ResponseEWG OWR 15-2020Go to site27/01/2020 10:0027/01/2020 13:00Online meeting (CET)
16th Meeting of the Intersessional Network on EutrophicationIN-EUTROPHICATION 16-2020Go to site29/01/2020 09:0030/01/2020 15:30Helsinki
2nd Meeting of the Science Agenda Task GroupScience Agenda TG 2-2020Go to site29/01/2020 12:0030/01/2020 15:00Helsinki
Ninth Meeting of the Expert Network on dredging/depositing operations at sea (HELCOM EN DREDS)EN DREDS 9-2020Go to site30/01/2020 10:0030/01/2020 12:00Online meeting (EET)
the fifth meeting of the Group to draft the regional principles and risk assessment framework for management of internal nutrient reserves MINUTS 5-2020Go to site03/02/2020 13:0003/02/2020 15:00Online meeting (EET)
HELCOM ACTION 2.2 Workshop: Existing and tentative new measures and the status of benthic species and habitatsHELCOM ACTION WS2.2-2020Go to site04/02/2020 00:0005/02/2020 00:00Helsinki
 the 29th Meeting of the Reduction Scheme Core Drafting GroupRedCore 29-2020Go to site04/02/2020 10:0004/02/2020 12:00Online meeting (EET)
HELCOM ACTION Workshop 3: MPA network effectiveness HELCOM ACTION WS3-2020Go to site05/02/2020 00:0006/02/2020 00:00Helsinki
Annex III part II drafting group meetingAnnex III part II DG 1-2020Go to site05/02/2020 09:0005/02/2020 11:00Helsinki
HELCOM Workshop on nutrient recycling measures Nutrient recycling measures WSGo to site05/02/2020 12:0006/02/2020 13:00Helsinki
2nd Meeting of the continuation of the project for Baltic-wide assessment of coastal fish communities in support of an ecosystem-based managementFISH-PRO III 2-2020Go to site11/02/2020 12:0013/02/2020 16:00Vilnius
13th Meeting of the Baltic Sea Region Maritime Spatial Planning Data Expert Sub-Group (BSR MSP Data ESG)BSR MSP Data ESG 13-2020Go to site11/02/2020 13:0012/02/2020 12:00Riga
4th Meeting of the Expert Coordination Network on Response on the ShoreSHORE Network 4-2020Go to site25/02/2020 09:0025/02/2020 16:00Vejle
27th Meeting of the Response Working GroupRESPONSE 27-2020Go to site26/02/2020 09:0028/02/2020 12:00Vejle
Online Meeting of HELCOM Working Group on Reduction of Pressures from the Baltic Sea Catchment Area PRESSURE 11a-2020Go to site26/02/2020 09:0026/02/2020 12:00Online meeting (CET)
First Meeting of Chairpersons of HELCOM main groupsCHAIRPERSONS 1-2020Go to site02/03/2020 13:0002/03/2020 16:30Helsinki
test1234Go to site03/03/2020 00:0003/03/2020 00:00
41st Meeting of the Helsinki CommissionHELCOM 41-2020Go to site04/03/2020 10:0005/03/2020 16:00Helsinki
Extra Meeting of HELCOM Expert Network on Benthic HabitatsEN BENTHIC 3a-2020Go to site05/03/2020 10:0005/03/2020 13:00Online meeting
11th Meeting of the Group on Ecosystem-based Sustainable FisheriesFISH 11-2020Go to site11/03/2020 00:0012/03/2020 00:00Gothenburg
HELCOM ACTION workshop 4.2 - BSAP and MSFD measures to abate eutrophicationHELCOM ACTION WS4.2-2020Go to site12/03/2020 13:0013/03/2020 13:00Gothenburg
19Ath Meeting of the Maritime Working GroupMARITIME 19A-2020Go to site16/03/2020 10:0017/03/2020 16:00Helsinki
Indicator workshop of HELCOM Expert Network on Benthic HabitatsEN BENTHIC WS1-2020Go to site16/03/2020 10:0016/03/2020 17:00Copenhagen
Online Meeting of the Working Group on the State of the Environment and Nature ConservationSTATE & CONSERVATION 11b-2020Go to site17/03/2020 02:0017/03/2020 02:00Online meeting
Third Meeting of the ad hoc HELCOM Platform on sufficiency of measures SOM Platform 3-2020Go to site24/03/2020 13:0026/03/2020 16:00Helsinki
Annual Meeting of the Informal Working Group on Aerial Surveillance IWGAS 2020IWGAS 2020Go to site26/03/2020 00:0027/03/2020 00:00Tallinn
9th Meeting of the Group on Sustainable Agricultural PracticesAGRI 9-2020Go to site30/03/2020 10:0031/03/2020 16:00Copenhagen
20th Meeting of the joint HELCOM-VASAB Maritime Spatial Planning Working GroupHELCOM-VASAB MSP WG 20-2020Go to site01/04/2020 09:0002/04/2020 16:00Warsaw
5th Meeting of the Expert Network on Climate ChangeEN CLIME 5-2020Go to site16/04/2020 02:0017/04/2020 02:00Hamburg
4th Meeting of the HELCOM MARITIME Sub-group on Green Technology and Alternative Fuels for ShippingGREEN TEAM 4-2020Go to site13/05/2020 10:0013/05/2020 17:00Mariehamn, Åland Islands
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